Stepping Into the Lives of the Antonio Family

Every family has its own distinct dynamic.  Whether it’s the daily routine or the sporadic moments that make up the memories, every bond is unique.

BabySteps spent the day with the Antonio family and we got to know what their family interaction is like. We were able to delve a little into their “methods” on how they keep their family relationship strong.  As full-time working parents, “it’s all about hugs and kisses when they are together,” says mom Joan.  Even at the ages of 6 and 7 both kids, Paddy and Miqui, like to sit on their mom’s lap, especially during car rides.  Co-sleeping is also a part of their daily routine and cuddle time before bed is something they look forward to when they go to sleep.

Both JR and Jo focus a lot on conversation with the kids.  They both put a lot of importance on sharing stories, ideas and jokes while also making sure they listen in return to what the kids have to say or share.


“They love listening to my stories of when they were babies and about our lives when Jr and I weren’t parents yet.” 



Joan is the EVP and Coordinator for Student Affairs of Benedictine International School (BIS).  As someone who is immersed daily with school children, she values discipline and good behaviour.  It is therefore imminent that discipline is implimented and scolding the kids is part of their parenting and of the children’s growth.  “I always however, make sure to reassure them that I love them with hugs and kisses when emotions cool down”, says Joan.  This is Joan’s way of affirming her kids that both parents remain supportive while also paving the way for open commication.


Daily routines also add to keep both parents involved in their kids’ lives.  “Every morning I make sure Paddy and Miqui kiss us goodbye before they leave for school.  Luckily, Joan’s kids study at BIS, giving her the chance to see her kids in between work.  A tactic she uses is that the kids have to go to her office to get their allowance.  “I don’t give it in advance because I look forward to seeing them and hugging them”, muses Joan.  She also makes sure they drop by her office to say bye before heading to their extra-curricular activies after class.

As for evenings when both parents get home, daily tutor is part of their routine to prepare the kids for the next day’s school requirements.  On free evenings, dad Jr chooses a show or movie to watch or on lucky days, he takes the family out for a treat after their evening workout sessions.


The family looks forward to weekends because this is the time Jr and Joan can give their full attention to Paddy and Miqui.  Weekend activities include dates to the mall or they also enjoy going out of town where they could spend time with extended family and close friends.  Traveling to other countries as a family also adds to bringing them closer.

“Jr and I also feel so blessed to be able to take our kids on trips around the Philippines or abroad.  With our busy schedules, we look forward to spending 24/7 with them exploring new places, enjoying yummy dishes and learning about different cultures.”




The family of four is evidently close to each other.  “Hands-on parenting” is a must especially during off-work hours. It was lots of fun being around this family because of the high energy they brought with them to the photoshoot.  To see both Jr and Joan relate in a supportive way as they took turns catering to the kids’ needs allowed us to appreciate the nature of their relationship and family life.





Joan Bondoc Antonio is the Executive Vice President of Benectine International School (BIS), QC and was founded in 2000.  She is also the Coordinator for Student Affairs of BlS.  She fascilitates programs such as the Natural Born Winners Program for 7th Grade as well as the Money Tree Asia Financial Literacy Program for 10th Grade.  Jr Antonio is involved in his family’s business and and handles the finances.




Photography by Kyla Olives . Ig @kylasfotos

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